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  • Jodhpur
    Historic Places,  Travel

    Exploring Rajasthan- Jodhpur

    Jodhpur – The “Sun City” is the second largest city of Rajasthan. The city is known as the “Sun City” for the bright and sunny weather it enjoys all the year round. The old city circles the fort and is bounded by a wall with several gates. It is also known as the “Blue City” because of the blue colours that decorate many of the houses in the old city area. However, the city has expanded greatly outside the wall over the past several decades. Several tourist attractions to visit here are as follows – Jodhpur Excursions Balsammand Palace | Guda Bishnoi Village | Jaswant Sagar Dam | Machia Safari…

  • Jaipur
    Historic Places,  Travel

    Exploring Rajasathan- Jaipur

    Jaipur – The Pink City is the capital and the largest city of the Indian state of Rajasthan in Western India. Jaipur is a major tourist destination in India forming a part of the Golden Triangle. According to TripAdvisor’s 2015 Traveller’s Choice Awards for Destination, Jaipur ranked 1st among the Indian destination for the year. Coming to places you can visit in Jaipur, mind you the list is quite long. The forts include- The Hawa Mahal The Jal Mahal City Palace Amer Fort Jantar Mantar Nahargarh Fort and the Jaigarh Fort Temples include- Sanghiji Jain temple Govind Dev Ji Temple Garh Ganesh Temple Moti Dungri Ganesh Temple Sri Kali Temple…

  • Historic Places,  Travel


    PATIALA-The Royal City, is the fourth largest city in the state of Punjab in northern India. Founded by Baba Ala Singh in 1763, this city remains famous for its traditional Patiala Shahi Turban, Paranda, Patiala salwar, Punjabi Jutti and Patiala Peg. While travelling to Patiala you will head to a variety of places of Sikh importance. These include two Gurdwaras – Gurdwara Dukh Nivaran Sahib and Gurdwara Moti Bagh Sahib. As its name suggests Gurdwara Dukh Nivaran Sahib was built to cure people of all their sufferings (dukh). History tells us that Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji came here on request to cure people of their suffering which prevailed on…

  • Golden Temple Amritsar
    Historic Places,  Travel


    Amritsar is a beautiful and peaceful city. It is mainly famous for the world heritage site – Golden Temple. Golden Temple was built by Shri Guru Ram Das Ji, the 4th Guru of Sikhs. in Early 19th centuary Maharaja Ranjit Singh decked the temple with complete gold and hence the name Golden Temple. Apart from Golden Temple, Amritsar is also very close to the Attari. Attari, is a place where we share Wagah Border with Pakistan. Tourists visiting Golden Temple usually plan to see the morning/evening parade at The Wagah Border. Also, a hindu temple named, Durgiana Mandir is also a famous tourist spot. It’s architecture is said to be…

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