London Diaries

Its Been a year now and I have decided to pen it down and share my experience with everyone. It was a long time dream to visit London once in my lifetime. Finally the time came. I just decided to pack my bags, book my tickets and just head towards my destination. I decided to travel by Emirates. The Round trip fare was 50,000. It was the beautiful feeling. I travelled around the month of March, hence the weather was like winters in India. Though not too cold but too windy. I just loved when that breeze ran through my hair.
After exploring my nearby neighborhood for a day, I decided to take the famous HOP ON HOP OFF tour and visit the places in London. London as a city is very beautiful. It has many Museums, Palaces, Observatories, gardens to look around. I also went for a river cruise in Thames(The Ganges of London) :P.
London Eye is the next big attraction. When you are at the top of the circle you can see the complete view of London. It looks more beautiful in evening with all the lights. That was a breathtaking view.

You must have heard of the famous Greenwich observatory. It is a place where 0 degree meridian passes. The best thing is that you can be in two hemispheres at the same time. Next I explored few tours offered by Evan Tours there. My tour for one day included visits to Windson Castle(where The Queen comes for vacation), Stonhendge and the famous Oxford City. It was an amazing experience. There were also 2 day tours available for Paris(worth visiting once in lifetime).

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