Well this time its going to be a long one because I want to share my travel story of my dream destination “DUBAI”. Dubai is neither too affordable nor too expensive kind of city. There are various option to explore while on your visit to Dubai. Lets take a visit spanning 7 days in Dubai also the time span of my visit. A brief cost analysis is below (1 AED = Rs. 17) :
Flight – to and fro – Rs 15000–20000(depends on when you book the flight)
Hotel Stay For 5 days(AED 80-100 per day) – AED 500 – Rs 8,500
Food (AED 100 – 120 per day) for 7 days – Rs 12,000 – 15,000
Travel ( if bus and train used) – AED 150 per day – Rs 15,000
Sightseeing and shopping – As per individual
I guess an expense of Rs 55–60,000 is enough to suffice the travel expenses per person

Try using buses and metros than cabs to travel which will save you considerable amount of money. Food options are plenty there if you are looking for Indian food. Try areas like Bur Dubai and Deira for stay and food. Well I explored the city at a minimal cost because many attractions either cost nil or some of AEDs. I visited Kite Beach(Go in the mornings to watch seagulls and sparkling water.), Dubai Gurudwara(for a peaceful atmosphere and a free langar ),Burj Khalifa fountain show- Visit to Dubai Mall, Al Quadra lake; for nature lovers. You can go for an overnight camping as well. Atlantis the palm, go in the night, and stop right opposite to Atlantis. One side is ocean with some nice seating space and roadside shops and other side is the mighty Atlantis.

Dubai canal-Visit during the night, you get to see a mini-waterfall on Shekih Zayed Road and Ibn Battutra Mall for free. I am serious no cost at all. Whereas Dubai garden glow cost 60 AED per person but it was worth watching at night, Miracle gardens for 40 AED in the mornings (you will sense the purity of flowers there), Global village AED 15 per person especially at dawn, Dubai Zoo AED 2( the cheapest and the best).Also not forgetting about the famous places to visit in Dubai which include the Burj Khalifa where reaching the 148 level costed me 6000 indian rupees, the Dubai Atlantis waterpark which costs 5000 bucks, the camel safari including dinner for 10k bucks per person(this was a bit costly but worth attending as I always wanted a camel ride). The most costly one was the hot air balloon ride for 21k.

As I had just 7 days so I could explore just this much however there is a lot more to see there.

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